Review: Final Destination 5 3D

Final Destination has become a franchise that’s gained a reputation for skillful and at times amusing kills. Don’t expect a film that does more than string some efficient and gory kills together with a ropey story. If that’s your lot then Final Destination 5 offers a fun experience.

The premise follows its predecessors; Sam Lawton (Nicholas D’Agosto) experiences a premonition that involves a catastrophic failure of a suspension bridge. He tells his work colleagues and they survive the carnage. In doing so he and his workmates cheat death and Death wants the lives it’s owed.

It’s a premise so simple, it could exist as a compilation of YouTube, but the film commits to inflicting all manner of unfortunate fates on its characters. The characters caricatures; cannon fodder for the film’s ample kills which means that the acting can be rather poor.

The franchise has also reached the point where it’s moved from horror to comedy/horror, which dulls the scares but produces some laughs Its streamlined approach ensure its  focus is on wringing as much as it can from its set pieces. The bridge collapse is the standout.

Final Destination 5 is a crowdpleaser so long as you go in not expecting too much.



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