Review: Horrible Bosses


Are you gonna slap me in the face with your cock?

There are more than a few people in this world who would love to see their bosses gone and Horrible Bosses is that daydream made real. As a film it engages the viewer through its likable performances and engaging premise, but there are times when it doesn’t make the most of it.

Horrible Bosses follows three men who look like Charlie Day, Jason Sudekis and Jason Bateman and due to promotions, unfortunate accidents and bad luck happen to hate the people they work for. Day’s boss is Jennifer Aniston’s dentist, a nymphomaniac makes his life hell. Bateman’s is Kevin Spacey’s corporate boss; a shady, ruthless business man who takes advantage of his workforce. Sudekis’ appears in the form of Colin Farrell (in perhaps the least involved role of the bosses), an egomaniac with a drug habit. These bosses make their lives difficult, so our three leads conspire to kill them. It’s as simple as that.

Complications occur when they’re (unsurprisingly) too inept to do it. Enlisting the help of Jamie Foxx’s Motherfucker Jones, they hatch a plan but like all the best-laid plans it falls apart leaving Day, Sudekis and Bateman to try to survive without being caught by the police or the people they intend to off.

The first half labours in putting the plan together but the fun is to be had in the second half, with a few inspired call-backs and a running theme of characters referring to Law and Order.

It’s not a demanding comedy or a particularly dark one considering its premise, but through some funny set-pieces this bumbling comedy hits the mark.



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  1. Kevins just reprising his role from the film Swimming with Sharks once again.

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