Top 12 most disappointing films of the year

A few of these films could feature on my worst of list at the end of the year but at the moment my feeling towards them is one of disappointment. I went to the cinema, sat in anticipation was underwhelmed/turned off/crushed by these films.

The Hangover Part II

Despite laughing at this film I was also completely bored by its insistence to repeat the original beat-for-beat. Despite its success I’m still nore sure comedy sequels can work or bring anything new to the table.

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is a bit of a mess isn’t? A gorgeous looking one but a mess all the same. I’m still amazed that they gave Snyder the Man of Steel gig.

Green Lantern

As bad as the reviews said it was? No, but a very, very average comic book adaptation.


At the screening I went to people laughed, I must have a miserable sense of humour because I could not wait for this film to end.


Someone needs to give Dwayne Johnson a good action film to be in and not this boring nonsense.

BattleĀ  Los Angeles

Is it possible to suffer a concussion from the sonic bombardment that is Battle Los Angeles? Incredibly loud.


One of the biggest disappointments because I actually had expectations for it. Nowhere near as funny as it should have been.

The Mechanic

foster and statham in The Mechanic

Jason Statham beats people up. Again.

The Green Hornet

Not horrible, just instantly forgettable.


Front-runner for the worst film I’ve seen this year. Hang your head in shame Paul Bettany

Red Riding Hood

Half an hour in and you should know the identity of the wolf. Indie (ish) soundtrack is also annoying.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Kids deserve better than this, they really do (reminisces about The Flight of the Navigator)


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