Top 10 films of the year so far

I won’t bother writing lengthy, verbose paragraphs, i’ll just let the pictures do the work. The top ten films I have seen theatrically this year in no actual order.


Great racing driver, fantastic documentary


Thank God Gore Verbinski did this film and not another Pirates of the Caribbean.


Its Bourne meets… [add whatever film with a child assassin here]. Peculiar film.


A horror film that relies on suspense and doesn’t try to rip someone’s tendons out of the heels…and is much better off doing so.

Attack the Block

A brilliant film? No. A very enjoyable one? Most definitely


A shade better than X-Men: First Class and heads, shoulders, knees and toes above Green Lantern, it can be clichéd and very conventional but it’s lots of fun.

13 Assassins

Slow build up, thrilling last forty minutes or so, this how you do extended action sequences Mr Bay.

Never Let Me Go

A fine sc-fi/drama hybrid that didn’t make a big splash in cinemas

Little White Lies

Too long? Yup. Overly Sentimental ending? Absolutely yes. Still better and funnier than most dramas Hollywood pushes out.

127 Hours

Stunning experience, you could call it gimmicky filmmaking, I wouldn’t


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