Review: Attack the Block


That’s an alien bruv, believe it.

When you watch a film that’s been hyped up,  the positivity tends to cloud your judgement. The omens are that it won’t live up to expectations. First impressions of Joe Cornish’s debut are it’s an enjoyable and well made film but not a classic of any sort.

The premise of Attack the Block is simple. An alien lands in a South London council estate and a teen gang kill it (as you do). But they find out that it’s not the only alien to have landed in the area and soon find themselves battling against a horde of E.T.s.

Surprisingly Cornish presents these “yoofs” in an unsympathetic light as their first act is to rob Jodie Whittaker’s Sam. The idea being that they’ll eventually earn your empathy as they band together over the course of the night, fighting against a foe that’s more dangerous than they are.

You half expect these kids to survive but during the first attack Cornish adds an element of doubt, leaving us to wonder if these characters can survive the night. The element of danger elevates the film as the threat of any one of the characters dying is very real.

Some won’t understand the language, though decisions like this make Attack the Block a more authentic experience than several other sci-fi films out this year. It’s not as good as the hype would suggest but it’s a fun and enjoyable film that doesn’t outstay its welcome.



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