Public Service Announcement

Yesterday I put up my review for The Hangover Part II that I wrote for Mouth London (check them out, they’re very good) but for the last six weeks or so, I haven’t update the blog as frequently as I would like. The reason? I was interning at an online film website which you can find if you…click… right…here. Like Mouth London, Best for Film is a great up and coming site with great, humorous content. If you wouldn’t mind liking either Mouth London or Best for Film on Facebook or following them on their respective Twitters (Best For Film, Mouthlondon) if you’re a part of those social media groups, then that would help a great deal in gaining more awareness.

Anyway, I digress. While I’m looking for work I’ll be paying more attention to the blog and keeping it up to date with some more features and articles. I may opt for a different look for the site, although I may just leave it is for the time being but I’ll be looking to introduce a range of changes to the site and perhaps bringing some additional elements to the site. In the mean time I’ve included some links to work I did for them and hopefully if you like what I’ve written for this blog then you’ll find these reviews illuminating (as well as having fewer mistakes!). I’ll also be posting reviews of films I saw in the cinema that I didn’t have time to upload to the site earlier. Enjoy!

Senna – cracking documentary and one of my favourite films of the year. I was a kid when this accident happened and barely remember Aryton Senna but this film shows why so many people were enthralled by him. A great motorsport driver.

Diary of Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules – avoid, unless you really, really, really want to give your kid(s) something to focus on for an hour and a half. Not terrible mind you, just rather lacklustre.

Tracker – I’ve seen Ray Winstone do American accents and never believed him. Now he’s doing a South African accent and I have to admit, I rather liked it. The accent though, the film less so.

Lovely, Still – better than the DVD cover art would have you think it is. This one comes recommended.

Blitz – Jason Statham does what he usually does, just in South London instead of the sunny climes of Hollywood. Enjoyable if you like Statham but oh so forgettable.

Amreeka – I don’t think this film is out in UK cinemas any more. Regardless keep an eye out for it when it comes out on DVD (unless that takes another two years, much like the film took to our screens). Has a few rough edges but worth a watch.

Julia’s EyesScary? In places. More often its an overblown exercise in the horror genre…but in a good way. No doubt it will get a US remake in the future (boo!)


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