Review: Arthur


Who wouldn’t want to marry a sexy clown

With the original Arthur starring Dudley Moore most probably a twinkle in most moviegoer’s eyes, Hollywood has brought it back replacing Moore with Russell Brand.  The end result? A fairly unimpressive film that falls flat.

Arthur lives a shallow life, constantly surrounded by women – if they are not chiding him like his mother (Geraldine Jones) or nanny Hobson (Helen Mirren) they’re probably in his bed – his life amounts to making public scenes or frittering away his inheritance through lavish parties and gifts.

Arthur is an inebriated man-child, responding only to his indulgent whims and fancy, drinking excessively and eating bucket-loads of sweets. When he’s forced to grow up and marry business partner and control freak Susan (Jennifer Garner), Arthur tries to find a way out and finds salvation in Greta Gerwig’s (Greenberg) tour guide Naomi Quinn.

The biggest problem with Arthur is its predictability. It never surprises, never comes up with the unexpected. Each weak joke delivered with a lazy attitude. The film thinks the way to tell a joke is to involve some pop cultural icon or if you really want to make your audience laugh have a small child say ‘drugs’ or ‘sex’.

If your idea of comedy is the type of film with a sugary centre, colourful and inoffensive then Arthur is ok. If you’re looking for a film that reaches the lofty heights of  being good, Arthur won’t satisfy.



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