Review: Drive Angry 3D


Wouldn’t wanna be you when Satan finds out!

During a conversation with a friend before seeing Drive Angry, it was mentioned Angry should be overlooked as it looked more than cheesy. What’s wrong with a cheesy film?

Drive Angry is so intentionally deranged you cannot help but have an appreciation for a film that’s unconcerned by the metrics of good taste.

Nic Cage is Milton, a vengeful father who escapes from hell and chases after the devil worshipping group that killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter. Milton has a short amount of time to stop the group from killing the baby, while eluding the attempts of William Ficthner’s Accountant, who makes sure that everyone in hell is accounted for.

What follows is 100 minutes of sex, muscle cars, crude deaths, bad hair and naked worshippers. It takes a shallow premise and wrings it for as much as it possibly can. Drive Angry’s only remit in life is to entertain you. And it does.

Amber Heard is a sassy Southern waitress with spunk who comes along for the ride. There’s not a lot substance to her character, but she’s a tough, no BS woman.

It’s unrepentant in its shallowness and predictability but it’s a shlocky B-movie all the same. The Satanists (led by Billy Burke) are sick puppies with the leader using the femur bone from Milton’s dead daughter as his walking stick. They are stupid and inept; their failings causing more moments of laughter and turning Drive Angry into some sort of macabre cartoon.

The best part is William Ficthner and if you aren’t relishing the aspect of watching Cage or Heard then you should certainly see it for Ficthner, who is having a ball in his role. He’s a character that’s stronger and far more knowledgeable than everyone around him. He’s used sparingly and the film is better for it as he brings a little bit of quirkiness whenever the film slows down.

Drive Angry won’t be on any best of the year lists, but nevertheless it is a enjoyable and debauched ride that never pretends to be anything other than what it is. If you are looking for depth then you’ve wondered into the wrong film. If, however, you want to watch an exploitation revenge flick with little to no concern about taste, then you’ll find yourself entertained by Drive Angry 3D.




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