Worst films of the year 2010

Initially I was going to write a top ten but decided against as there weren’t enough movies to put on my (dis)honourable list.  Instead they are twelve, twelve films that didn’t cut the mustard, films that bored or were tragically flawed and films in which very little entertainment could be gained. For all those reasons and more these are, in my mind, the worst films that I saw last year.

#12 – 9

12. – Nightmare on Elm Street – A very late entry on this list as I watched this film in the last week or so. I didn’t expect much from this film but I definitely did not expect a horror film to be this anaemic. The use of jump scares is scarily ineffective and like most horror films (at least American ones) there was very little in the way of building suspense. Instead we were presented with characters (whom we don’t root for) and a film seemingly intent on killing each one of them in gruesome ways because…that’s what we expect from a horror film. Stylistic tics for the sake of having something on the screen; the film is a dour bore. A shame as the original Nightmare films was funny in some places; this iteration was more likely to send its audience to sleep in same manner as its characters. Jackie Earle Haley deserved better than this.

11. – Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – a very, very poor attempt at trying to make a new franchise. Its attempt at building an interesting world was weak and it attempted and succeeded in being very unmemorable. Its derivative of better fantasy films and throws VFX at the screen because it can. It tries to be fun but comes across as a boring, predictable and pedestrian. I’m not sure what happened to Chris Columbus but like his second Potter it’s perpetually stuck in first gear and lacks a spark that would make it interesting.

10. – Valentine’s Day – I can barely remember my feelings or thoughts towards this film and I’m not going to watch it again to find out why. What I think disappointed me most was that despite the star wattage/acting talent in the film (Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Jamie Foxx, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper et al) it came across as so lacklustre, so predictable and smug with nothing to say that hasn’t already been said many times before. The definition of generic.

9. – The Expendables – looking at my IMDB ratings which I usually give straight after I’ve watched a film this film scored a six. A six. I (think) know that I bumped up the rating because of the last twenty minutes or so which is just balls out action. And an extra point for getting Willis, Schwarzenegger and Stallone in the same room. Expendables never tries to compete with the action of today (at least not in my mind) instead it apes the prototypical eighties films like Commando, Predators etc. Reflecting on it now I was probably a bit too easy on the film, probably because it was throwback to those Eighties actioners. It was meant to be bad and cheesy because those films were bad and cheesy, right?

This could have been Stallone righting the wrongs of those films, improving on their failings while stilling retaining the ridiculousness of the situation, the manic action and the heinously slapstick villain. Very few of the jokes hit, most of the action scenes were disappointingly directed with that odd sped up feel to make it feels as if it was more exciting than it was. A film that tried to be a B-film and ended up being more like a direct to video attempt but with higher production values.

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